Non-surgical treatment of deep periodontal pockets according to the clean & seal concept | PARADENT


Prof. Dr. Anton Friedmann

Prof. Dr. Anton Friedmann Orcid

Chair and Head Department of Periodontology, School of Dentistry, Faculty of Health, University of Witten, Germany

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Despite intensive postoperative oral hygiene protocols, the risk of a persistent inflammatory reaction is high in deep periodontal pockets. The combination of mechanical debridement, supported by careful decontamination using a hypochlorite-based antimicrobial gel, provides an effective option for germ reduction & biofilm removal. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is applied to support healing processes and "seal" the cleansed wound site from re-infection. This case report presents a typical protocol for the successful non-surgical treatment of deep periodontal pockets according to this "Clean & Seal" concept in the context subgingival scaling or supportive periodontal therapy.